Invoking the Integration Install

In the preceding steps we showed you how to enable your system's TenantTenant - A single user of an integration, usually corresponding to a user or account in your own system.s to install specific IntegrationIntegration - An integration is the place the you write your code to get things done! Written in NodeJS, an integration runs in Fusebit's secure and scalable environment to translate between the needs of your backend application and the remote service or services you're connecting to.s. Now that installation for this Tenant is complete, you can invoke the Integration on their behalf. Fusebit will ensure their authorization and credentials will be used against the third-party system, and any authentication tokens are refreshed as appropriate.

The code below invokes the test endpoint of the Integration, identifying the intended tenantId as a segment of the URL. The content of the body is arbitrary and you can use it to pass any data you want from your application to the Integration logic.

await require('superagent')
  .set('Authorization', 'Bearer ${accessKey}')
    tenantId: '${tenantId}',
    instanceId: '${installId}'

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